• North Hastings High School

    North Hastings High School

    Welcome to North Hastings High School, Home of the Huskies, a school that is committed to success for all students. At NHHS, we believe in being the difference. NHHS is the hub of the Bancroft Community servicing students and community members since 1947.
  • Academics


    NHHS offers a wide range of courses that meet the needs of learners in all pathways. The success of our students is a prime focus here at NHHS. Our programs aim to develop the skills needed in the 21st Century including collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, character and citizenship. Our Guidance staff are always ready to help students plan for the future.
  • Arts


    Whether it be Visual Arts, Music or Drama that you are interested in, NHHS has passionate teachers to help you improve your craft. Student art is regularly displayed and demonstrated in and around the community for all to enjoy. The North is a truly gifted place!
  • Athletics


    NHHS offers numerous athletic programs in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Whether it be individual or team sports that you are interested in, we have activities to keep you active all year round. Our Huskies have a long standing tradition of excellence in sport. They are renowned for their grit and determination on and off the playing field.
  • Leadership


    Being the Difference at NHHS means offering our students many opportunities to take charge of their school by showcasing their leadership skills. Our Huskies can challenge themselves by getting involved in numerous activities such as Student Council, NHHS House System activities or our very own Junior Enrichment (J.E.D.I.) Program. Our school takes the business of building future leaders very seriously.
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  • COVID - Return to School 2022

    Welcome back to In-Person learning!

    There are some new rules that need to be followed for the health of all students and staff. Following these rules will help keep us in-person for the rest of the school year.

    Click here for the Online School Screening Tool. Please complete this screening before coming to school. The tool includes a flowchart with information based on the answers to the screening.

    Click here for a Guide to Proper Mask Wearing.

    We all look forward to a safe and in-person continuation of the school year.

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  • HPEDSB Learning at Home resources

    The HPEDSB Learning at Home resources page is intended to provide learning options to help keep students stimulated during these unprecedented times. 

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  • NHHS Facebook Page


    For more Husky news visit us on Facebook

     North Hastings High School

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  • Are you Vacationing?

    Please note: if a student will be away from the school for hunting, vacation, etc. for more than 3 consectutive days, a Prolonged Absence Form must be completed. This form is available in the main office and after being filled out is taken to all teachers so that they may provide you with homework/assignments etc. while you are away. The form is then returned to the office to be signed by the principal.

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