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  • North Hastings High School

    Welcome to North Hastings High School, Home of the Huskies, a school that is committed to success for all students. At NHHS, we believe in being the difference. NHHS is the hub of the Bancroft Community servicing students and community members since 1947.
  • Academics

    NHHS offers a wide range of courses that meet the needs of learners in all pathways. The success of our students is a prime focus here at NHHS. Our programs aim to develop the skills needed in the 21st Century including collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, character and citizenship. Our Guidance staff are always ready to help students plan for the future.
  • Arts

    Whether it be Visual Arts, Music or Drama that you are interested in, NHHS has passionate teachers to help you improve your craft. Student art is regularly displayed and demonstrated in and around the community for all to enjoy. The North is a truly gifted place!
  • Athletics

    NHHS offers numerous athletic programs in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Whether it be individual or team sports that you are interested in, we have activities to keep you active all year round. Our Huskies have a long standing tradition of excellence in sport. They are renowned for their grit and determination on and off the playing field.
  • Leadership

    Being the Difference at NHHS means offering our students many opportunities to take charge of their school by showcasing their leadership skills. Our Huskies can challenge themselves by getting involved in numerous activities such as Student Council, NHHS House System activities or our very own Junior Enrichment (J.E.D.I.) Program. Our school takes the business of building future leaders very seriously.
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Upcoming Events

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House Spirit Points 2017-18 

    Winner of Grade 9 day  

Graduation Photos

Lifetouch Photography will be in our school taking graduation photos from Monday, February 12 - Wednesday February 14, 2018.

Appointments are being scheduled online at schedule.prestigeportraits.ca.

Information packages are available in the main office.

Exam Schedule

Wednesday, January 24 

Period 4 – 8:40 – 9:25
Period 3 – 9:25 – 10:10
Break – 10:10 – 10:20
Period 2 – 10:20 – 11:05
Period 1 – 11:05 – 11:50
Lunch – 11:50 -  1:00 

1:00 - Period 1 Exam                           

Thursday January 25 

9:00 - Period 2 Exam

Friday, January 26 

9:00 - Period 3 Exam

Monday, January 29

9:00 - Period 4 Exam

Tuesday, January 30


(If there is an inclimate day, exams will be bumped to the next day and the COOP exam will  move to 1:00 pm)

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

All Classes will have culminating activities lasting a minimum of 1.5 hours.
Students will not have access to their lockers during the 3 hour exam periods.
Students wishing to leave school within the 3 hour exam periods should bring their texts, coats and bags to the exam room because they WILL NOT be able to go to their lockers.
All students in school in the afternoon will be in the cafeteria, library, or other supervised rooms.
All students are to confirm the room their exam is to be written in with their teachers.
***Snow Day Schedule - If all buses are cancelled due to weather conditions, the scheduled day will take place the next day.  The sequence will remain day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5***

Student Fees for 2017-2018 year

The Student Activity Fee this year is $40.00 this gives the student their student Card( with discounts to several busineeses in Bancroft) print credits and a planner  booklet. All students are required to pay this fee the first week of school.

The Optional Yearbook is $35.00 you pay now and receive it next September/October( it is printed over the summer)

All locks must be dudley locks and can be purchased for $8.00 each. New for this year, locks in your house colours!

Fentanyl Fact Sheet For Parents

Fentanyl Fact Sheet For Parents

Fentanyl is a deadly drug which has been found in our Community. Plese read the following information sheet, published by the Health Unit on Fentanyl facts.

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 North Hastings High School

Lice Giving You Trouble

Lice are a social nuisance, not a health problem. Their pressence has nothing to do with being dirty or clean. They don't carry disease or cause illness. Knowing this, they do cause itching and redness on a childs scalp. Parents should: check their children's head weekly for signs of an infestation. Notify the school when their child has lice, as well as others who may have come in contact with the child. The school will send home Form 321-1 for parents to complete and return to the school.

Lice Giving You Trouble?

Form 321-1

Lice are tiny insects with flat bodies and claws. "Nits" are lice eggs. They're white to grey and they glue to the hair. They can look like a fleck of dandruff, but you will not be able to move it off the hair strand.The first sign may be itching and scratching. The best way to know for sure is to look for live lice on the scalp, particularly around the ears and back of the neck, Using a magnifying glass makes it easier.

Remeber, None of the products on the market kill 100% of the nits. That's why a second treatment is needed. Read the attached article Lice giving You Trouble for more information.