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Are you Vacationing?

Please note: if a student will be away from the school for hunting, vacation, etc. for more than 3 consecutive days, a Prolonged Absence Form must be completed. This form is available in the main office and after being filled out is taken to all teachers so that they may provide you with homework/assignments etc. while you are away. The form is then returned to the office to be signed by the principal.

From the Office

The snow is finally GONE, spring and its April showers are here, and the end of our 2008-2009 school year, is near! It is hard to believe that we have reached the midterm of our second semester and that we are gearing up for graduation. As always, our Huskies have been very busy this term and we know that the spiral of activities is only going to speed up as we approach June.

Looking back, on February there is much to report on. In February we had a very successful grade 8 open house, a very well attended semi-formal dance, an entertaining talent show, and an excellent motivational assembly for all students in grade 8 through 12. This assembly featured a special guest speaker by the name of Rick Osborne. He was sponsored to come to North Hastings by B.A.C.P.A.C. and our local O.P.P.. Rick spoke to the students about the truth of drugs, crime and the gang life. His talk was certainly an eye-opener and his messages regarding positive decision making and acting in good character were certainly clear. The students were very engaged during the presentation, and many stayed behind to speak with him during their lunch. This presentation was certainly one-of-a-kind and we would like to thank B.A.C.P.A.C and the O.P.P. for sponsoring this event and providing this opportunity for our students.

Moving on to March, we are happy to report that we once again had a very successful Literacy Camp with over 60 students attending and participating. We had our Northern Environmental Research and Development Studies class participate in ‘ice rescue”, we had curlers go to COSSA, wrestlers go to OFSAA, and rugby players go to Ireland for tour. There was certainly no shortage of North Hastings High School “representing” as they participated in local, provincial and national activities. At this time we would like to thank all of our teachers and community members for volunteering their time and continuous support for such great activities and experiences for our students.

As we take a look at April there is no slowing down. This month saw our annual student-teacher hockey game where the teachers got whopped 10-3, the “Fryer, Galois Hypatia” and “Euclid” math contests were held, our grade 8 pathways project began, a boy’s literacy, and a buddy reading project are each in full swing, the Music Festival was a success, and our Student Council elections are happening. In addition, the 17th was our Husky Pride assembly where we had the kick off for the first ever “House Food Drive Competition”. This is a competition between our four houses to see which house can bring in the most food (by weight) for the Food Bank over a period of one week! Our students are motivated and we are sure to see a great donation to the local food bank. Lastly, we would like to thank those who brought the Mully Children’s Family and its young and very talented Kenyan performers to our school. This cultural experience was a welcomed surprise.

As we look ahead we have Education Week coming, the 30 Hour Famine, Relay for Life, spring sports, our athletic award’s night, course selections, prom, our year-end assembly and of course final exams. While the end of the school year may be near there is much yet to happen!

In closing, Mrs. Quinn and I would like to say that we hope this report brings good news and reflects your student’s commitment to learning. At this time we ask you to review this report with your student to develop a plan to ensure success at year end. We encourage you to contact the teachers if you have any questions or concerns. We congratulate everyone who has helped to make North Hastings High School a “Happening” place! We look forward to continued success…GO HUSKIES!

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