Program Sponsors

Corporate and Community Support for the Northern Outdoor Studies class 2010


Allison Small Engines: Providing program support and students discounts.

Ministry of Natural Resources: Supported the program with all the necessary equipment and with funding through Community Fish and Wildlife Improvement Program.

Bancroft Area Stewardship Council: For suggesting projects, facilitating the use of MNR equipment, acting as a community advisor panel for our program, and providing funding.

Freymond Lumber: Provides COOP work placement for students to gain experience in timber marketing and harvesting.

Limerick Lake Hunt Club: Donation of financial award for student from the NOS program.

The Cardiff Fire Hall: Donation of Tom Simpson Memorial Award of Merit.

Safari Club International Canada: Generous financial donation to program.

Ducks Unlimited: Donation of a framed print for fund-raising raffle.

The South Central Ontario Big Game Association: Providing funding for the Roaming Deer Harvest Survey.

The Bancroft Retriever Club: Providing work experience opportunities for students and a financial donation.

Parks Ontario – Silent Lake Provincial Park: Allows for duck box project to be completed in the park.

Bancroft Fish and Game Club(Terry Dafoe): Allowing us to use the shooting ranges at no cost.

Bancroft Area Trapper’s Council and Local Trappers: Providing one week work placements for 18 students and award for student in trapping course.

Bancroft Hatchery: Allowing us to learn about how to clip fins, and letting us use fish for the Open House.

The Town of Bancroft: Providing work experience and COOP opportunities for students.

The Bancroft Times: Publishing student articles and covering NOS activities.

Tom Marchant and Sir Sandford Fleming College: Coming to Bancroft, and delivering the SP-102 Course.

Bancroft Minden Forestry Company: Providing advice and support for forestry instruction.

Bancroft Sport and Marine, Auto Parts Extra, Carquest: Providing technical advice, equipment, and parts.

Herschel Volunteer Fire Department(Brian Sears): Use of the Fire Hall for training.

D.L. Master Upholstery: Donation of time and materials for equipment repairs.

Bird’s Creek Community Centre: Providing work experience and opportunity for community involvement.

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters: Program recognition and support.

Algonquin Outfitters(Gordon Baker): Providing canoe trip and camping equipment demonstration.

TD Bank: Allowing us to fundraise at their establishment.

Price Chopper: Allowing us to fundraise at their establishment.

Canadian Tire: The donation of a raffle prize, and allowing us to fundraise at their establishment.

Sir Sandford Fleming College in Lindsay: Allowing the to tour Lindsay campus.

Moose FM: For their communities announcements.

Dan Rapson: Instruction to throw ducks and participation with retriever trails.

Mr. Isaak: Accompanying us on our canoe trip.

Barry McGibbon: Giving us a tour of a mechanical logging operation.

Duane Campbell: Providing a tour of cut and skid operation.

Ron Lucas: Presenting methods of labor.

Terry Pilgrim: Making all the arrangement and delivering the Fur Management Conservation Course.

O.P.P Constable Chris Sheppard and Constable Ed White: Instruction of Search and Rescue training.

Carl Ziebarth: Providing the Hunter Safety Training and Canadian Firearm Safety Course as well as helping with Lake Trout Spawning.

Bill and Pat Green: Allowing us to use their property during the canoe training, and for Pat’s company on the canoe trip.



(Available links in order of appearance, as per above.) (Ministry of Natural Resources) (Freymond Lumber) (Bancroft Area Stewardship Counsil.) (Safari Club International Canada) (Ducks Unlimited) (The Bancroft Retriever Club) (Parks Ontario -- Silent Lake P.P.) (Bancroft Fish and Game Club) (North Hastings Hatchery) (Town of Bancroft) (Bancroft This Week) (Sir Sandford Fleming College) (Bancroft Sport and Marine) (Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters) (Algonquin Outfitters) (TD Bank) (Price Chopper) (Canadian Tire) (Bancroft Moose FM 97.7)




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