Specialist High Skills Major

NOS (offered 2022-2023, 2024-2025)

The Northern Outdoor Studies (NOS) class is a four credit high school program open to Grade 11 and 12 students.  This program equips students with the skills necessary for direct entry into the work force with employers in selected sectors such as: environmental management, natural resource and wildlife management, ecotourism, and commercial logging.  The program also provides students interested in attending Colleges or Universities offering environmental management programs, a variety of accredited outdoor certifications and skills.  Students study ecology, resource and forestry management, recreation services, community leadership, the environment and interconnections with natural resource management, species biology (including at-risk and invasive species), and human impact on the environment.  Students will gain valuable hands-on practical experience, skills, and training for working in many different outdoor occupations.

NERDS (offered 2023-2024, 2025-2026)

The Northern Environmental Research Program is a four credit program which will be offered to Grade 11-12 students, during alternative years.  This program is designed for students who enjoy the outdoors and who may be interested in pursuing a post-secondary college or university career in natural resources, natural sciences or environmental sciences.  Students will be involved in a wide variety of projects which will include data collection, analysis, and communication of information as part of on-going monitoring and scientific research with numerous local agencies and associations involved in natural resource management and environmental monitoring.  Students will have opportunities to work with fish, wildlife and forestry specialists and have input into the provincial data base of land and natural resources information.  They will also gain valuable experience that will help with future studies in environment and resource management at the college or university level, as well as experience and contacts for future jobs.  Successful completion of these credits, along with other designated courses, will earn the student a "
Specialist High Skills Major in the Environment" seal on the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, as well as acknowledgement on the student's final transcript.