Husky House System

Other Highlights

Other Highlights: North Hastings High School has a very unique HOUSE system - comprised of four Houses: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. This system promotes "participation" in all capacities of school life: Athletics, Academics, Leadership and the Arts. (• Arts Activity programs such as: Art, Concert and Junior Bands, Choir, are in place to help students excel in their passion of the Arts. Students can also earn house points in by participating in Students’ Council, Yearbook Committee, Wolfpack, IAES (Increasing Awareness Erasing Stigma) Committee and the NHHS Equity Team) Students earn points for every act of participation and have healthy competition that doubles as school spirit. This system has become recognized locally, provincially and nationally, with presentations being shared at municipal meetings, board forums and provincial conferences. As a result, the school has networked with several other teachers and administrators to help them get a similar program started in their schools. These students work together in the annual Grade 9 Activity Day, as well as various other activities throughout the school year. 

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