Jr Volleyball team7-8 Girls Soccer Team

NHHS students have achieved many honours in both athletics and the arts. 
• Inter-school athletic programs include: badminton, basketball, cross-country running, soccer, track and field, ultimate frisbee, volleyball and wrestling
• Many teams have participated and won medals and recognition at Bay of Quinte, COSSA, and OFSAA Championships. 
• Arts Activity programs such as: Art, Concert and Junior Bands, Choir, are in place to help students excel in their passion of the Arts. 
 • Students are encouraged to participate in Students’ Council, Yearbook Committee, Wolfpack, IAES (Increasing Awareness Erasing Stigma) Committee and the NHHS Equity Team.  They are also encouraged to continue to volunteer in the many events that occur in and around our community. 
• Teams and classes of NHHS also continue to travel within and outside of the region.