North Hastings High School (N.H.H.S.) is committed to success for all students. Together with their community partners, they provide programs that prepare students for their transition to apprenticeship programs, college, university and the workplace. Many NHHS students have earned prestigious scholarships that recognize excellence in academics, extra-curricular and community involvement and we offer unique 4-credit courses that are provincially recognized. Our Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programs in Forestry and Environment allow students to learn the principles of forestry, resource management and environmental studies.  The students acquire the skills, certifications, and knowledge to gain employment in forestry and resource-based careers or to pursue post-secondary programs in these areas.  NHHS now also offers a SHSM in Construction which will give students special skills and certifications that will prove beneficial in the future. We also offer numerous Cooperative Education opportunities including the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP).  Each program promotes valuable hands-on work experiences for all levels of learners.  NHHS has something to offer every student in our community and they invite you to come, see and participate!
Co-op Programs:  NHHS has over 200 community partnerships for Cooperative Education placements. Some of these include, auto body shops, local grocery stores, daycare placements, lawyers offices, veterinarian offices, and placements in the forestry sector.
Student Success Programs: North Hastings Secondary School is proud of the Student Success Initiatives that have been growing for years and making a difference for many students. NHHS offers credit recovery to both junior and senior students. NHHS also offers PLAR to students who are behind credits and will be turning 18 this calendar year. PLAR credits are tests students can write to earn junior credits that were not successful when the students attempted them years ago.   

SAL: Our SAL program is available for students who are currently not experiencing success in school. It is a short term alternative program aimed at getting students back on credit pace, and back to attending full time in a complete schedule at NHHS.